Startup Vessel BOAT LIFE What you need to know about the Sperry Zodiac boat

What you need to know about the Sperry Zodiac boat

As the first-ever Sperrry Zonda, the new boat is powered by a single Cummins turbocharged diesel engine, which uses a six-cylinder motor to produce 1,500hp.

The Zonda is designed for recreational cruising, recreational and sport fishing, and cruising in the North Atlantic.

It’s designed to last for several years of fishing.

It was launched earlier this month in New Brunswick, where it’s set to sail in the Atlantic in March 2018.

The boat has a maximum gross weight of 2,000 kilograms, with a crew of two.

Sperrys biggest selling point is that it’s designed with the consumer in mind.

The design team has spent a lot of time working with boat enthusiasts and designers to ensure that they have the best possible solution for the boat they’re designing, said Sperritory’s senior director of sales and marketing for Canada, Tim O’Brien.

“We have a very big market in the world of recreational and recreational fishing, with about 10 million people on the water every year,” he said.

“So there’s a need for a boat that is easy to use and comfortable for a recreational or sport fisherman.”

The boat is equipped with an extensive crew system, with two on board at all times.

The cabin is made from carbon fibre, and the watertight doors are made of a special type of carbon fibre that is resistant to water entry.

The watertight panels on the hull are made from watertight foam, and there are built-in screens that allow the boat to be used for boating on water.

Sometime during the summer, the cabin is filled with fresh water and heated, which helps the boat stay warm.

The two engines, which run in tandem, make about 900 horsepower and are capable of producing 1,600kg per hour.

They’re all mounted to a steel hull that is welded to the boat, which is then attached to the bow using a cable.

It takes a lot less than a week to build the boat and set it up, said O’Brian.

The team also took advantage of the Spermier’s location in the northern Atlantic, which allows it to operate in warmer waters.

The Sperries boat is designed to withstand the North Sea wind currents that can be experienced in the summer months.

Spermies current is stronger than the Svalbard and Kara Seas, and it can take up to 200 metres of wind before it’s released.

The engine also has a variable speed system, which can be adjusted for speed.

The powertrain includes two diesel engines, one that powers the hull and another that powers a diesel engine attached to a watertight door.

The diesel engine uses a Cummins 8-cylinders turbocharged engine, that produces 500hp.

In addition, there are three propellers that produce 60kg of thrust.

“The powerplant is pretty big and you get that extra horsepower to go along with the propellers,” said O.B. O’Sullivan, the boat’s engineer.

“But the big part of the engine is the propeller, so it’s not going to get you anywhere quickly.”

The Spermries boat has two watertight, waterproof doors, which are equipped with two screens that can prevent the boat from being flooded during heavy storms.

O. B. O_Sullivan is the boatwright for the SPerry Zondas boat.

“I’m a big believer in the SP.

Zonda,” he told CBC News.

“There’s a lot to it and it’s just one of those boats.”

Sperris Zonda will sail on its maiden voyage from the city of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, on the weekend of March 25-26.

It will head south to the North Island, and will then sail on to Newfoundland and Labrador, before returning to Cape Brets shores on the 28th.