Startup Vessel CHARTER When the sun goes down, there are a lot of things that go right

When the sun goes down, there are a lot of things that go right

When it’s dark, there’s always a lot going on, but you don’t want to be stuck in the middle of a storm.

The world of sailing has been in flux for quite some time now, with many of the big names including Sir Paul McCartney and Sir Richard Branson leaving their boats to venture off the beaten path.

But for a group of young, passionate sailors who want to break the mold, the idea of setting up a shop off the coast of New South Wales is one that has captivated them.

And this year’s ‘Ocean’s End’ festival in Townsville has been designed to attract people from all over the world who want a bit of adventure.

“We’ve got all these kids and they want to go and explore.

It’s a fantastic way for people to come to the beach, to be out in the ocean and see the ocean,” said Kelly Bancroft, who is from the ACT and is helping run the festival.”

It’s also a chance for young people to have a chance to explore and be part of a unique experience and have a little bit of a kick to their booty.”

Everyone loves going to a festival but when it’s the ocean, it’s a great time to go.

“So far this year, about 200 people have signed up to help run the event and the first 50 people to arrive at the festival on August 8 will get the chance to take part in the event.

The festival, which is open to all ages, is being held at the Surf City in Townsland.

Kelly Bancrock said the festival was designed to give people the chance of having a break from the hustle and bustle of the festival circuit.”

This is something that you don´t get to do for many, many years and the last few years it has been really important for the sport to be able to get people back out to the sea and that’s what we are doing this year,” she said.”

The whole idea of the Ocean’s End festival is to give young people a chance of getting out in nature and exploring and having a little fun.

“I think that we will get a really good turnout out there and I think it’s great for the country as a whole and for surfers and everyone else out there.”

Organisers hope the event will draw some attention to the need for a national beach to be set up for people who want more time out on the water.

“A lot of the people who come out and see us have been coming to events for years,” Kelly said.

“It is very much something that we feel like is an important part of the country, so we think it will be a good time for it to come into being.”

The festival will be open from August 8 to 10.

For more information about Ocean’s Ends festival, go to or call 13 19 99.

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