Startup Vessel DESTINATIONS What you need to know about the $150,000 Sea Fox boat rental in Lake County

What you need to know about the $150,000 Sea Fox boat rental in Lake County

A Sea Fox kayak rental boat in Lakeville was a sight to behold on a sunny afternoon.

The owner of the kayak, a veteran of the warship fleet, and his wife, who also owns the home on the lake, rented the boat out for $150 a day to a group of friends.

They had a blast on the boat, said Jason Schramm, owner of Schrammans Kayak Rentals.

The boat has been used in the past for group fishing.

The owners were not at the boat Saturday, but their friends, who have since gone home, said they were glad they could rent the boat for one day.

The rental fee was $150 for two days, but the owners are offering an additional $150 fee for a full weekend.

The boat, which is registered with the state of Illinois, was bought by a Marine Life Rescue Team from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

The agency will have to send the boat back to the state for inspection.

The group also had to pay $50 for insurance.

It will also have to pay the state $100 a day for the boat to be towed from the lake.

The kayak owner said he’s not sure if the insurance will cover the boat.

He hopes the state will come back and pay for the insurance, and he said he will donate the boat as a reminder of the sacrifice the Illinois Marine Life rescue team made.

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