Startup Vessel DESTINATIONS What’s on sale at Sam’s Boat Grill?

What’s on sale at Sam’s Boat Grill?

With the sale of Sam’s boat grill and some of the boats towing it, Sam’s has turned into a boat bar.

And while Sam’s is still selling some of its boats, they are now a bit cheaper.

It’s not a big deal, but the move is making some Sam’s regulars uncomfortable.

Sam’s owner Sam Thomas says the sale is part of a shift in Sam’s business model.

“We don’t do all that big-ticket stuff anymore,” he says.

“We are starting to focus more on our small boats.”

Thomas says Sam’s now sells about 20 per cent of the boat market.

In a recent survey by the Maritime Council of Australia, most of the people who were considering buying boats were also planning to buy boats from Sam’s.

The Sam’s Bar is now a bar and the bar has also started to serve beer and wine.

There’s a boat grill at Sams, but it’s not the one that sold.

But Sam’s also had to look at other ways to cater to the new wave of boats.

A couple of years ago, Sams bought a $150,000 Yamaha boat and moved it to its new home on the outskirts of Sydney, in the shadow of a large building that now houses a pub and a food court.

Now Sams sells its boats in a different location.

Boat Grill is now just a small part of Sams’ new business.

And while Sams boats are still on sale, it’s been a couple of months since Sams began selling boats again.

This is the boat Sams sold to the public.

It is now available at A Sams barber was also working on a boat and had to sell it because it’s too big for the barbers shop.