Startup Vessel BOAT LIFE Boats pose in water, boats pose in art

Boats pose in water, boats pose in art

TechCrunch: Boats are being used as floating art pieces, and now there’s a video of the craft being pulled by an underwater crew.

The video has now been shared over 2.5 million times on Facebook and Instagram.

The crew is using the boats to pose for photos and to perform underwater stunts.

The project, which started last month and is currently in the planning stage, is a collaboration between the Virginia-based Boating & Arts and the Virginia Beach, Virginia-headquartered Aquatic Artworks.

The videos below are some of the first photos of the project, as well as a glimpse into how the boats are being designed.

The video is from the Virginia Coast Guard’s Department of Parks & Recreation.

You can also watch the Boating Crew’s video on YouTube.

The Virginia-born, Maryland-based Aquatic Artsworks, which also designs and produces aquatic art for museums, aquariums, and aquarium shows, also created a boat called the Aquatic Boat.

You may recognize that from the underwater video of that design.

Aquatic is a reference to the word “aquatic,” the oceanic term for underwater scenery, while “boat” is a sea-going vessel, like the Aquarian Boat.