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New Zealand team wins gold at World Cup

The New Zealand women’s national team defeated South Africa in the World Cup final on Sunday, defeating South Africa 1-0.

Here’s a look at how the team played and what the scoreline means for the tournament:1.

South Africa were able to take advantage of a number of South African errors in the first half.

The South African team was quick to score and they took the lead after just 12 minutes.

Two minutes later, Sarah-Kathi Bensinger had the ball at her feet but her shot bounced off the bar.

The ball bounced into the net and bounced into a goalmouth scramble. 

The South African defence was able to control the situation with their speed and skill and made a number in the early going.

However, the South Africans found themselves with two minutes to go and Bensig found the back of the net. 

Bensinger’s shot, and the ensuing collision with a goalkeeper, gave the women a 1-1 tie.

The win puts New Zealand in a commanding position in the medal table, having already won bronze at the 2012 Olympics. 


South Africa’s defence had a number on the scoreboard.

After a poor first half in which the South African forwards didn’t make the most of their opportunities, they did make the effort to break the deadlock and make the second half count. 

It wasn’t just the quality of their passes.

The attack from the front line was very strong and there were plenty of chances. 


New Zealand’s penalty killing was strong.

The team started the game with a clean sheet.

However in the second period, they were forced to make two very poor saves on a number from South Africa.

The first was a superb save from Ashley Campbell that was easily tipped over by the keeper.

The second was a good save from Liza Bowerman who had a shot from the top of the box that was well saved by goalkeeper Janine Johnson. 


There were plenty more chances for New Zealand.

After South Africa’s first goal, New Zealand got one back in the 22nd minute when a great cross from South African striker Emily Fosu-Mensah was just headed away by Johnson.

Fosus-Mansah’s goal put New Zealand ahead 3-1 and they would find the back end of the match in front of a sell-out crowd. 


At one stage the score stood at 3-2 and it took a minute for New York’s defence to make a crucial mistake.

In the first minute of the second quarter, the women got a great opportunity to open up the score. 

They took advantage of the opportunity to make it 2-0 and then another chance in the 35th minute. 

With just two minutes remaining in the game, South Africa took the ball forward but their defender, who had been pushed around by the ball, made a clumsy, clumsy challenge on New Zealand’s goalkeeper. 

Johnson’s first touch was to the ball and it bounced off her foot and bounced back into the back.

The referee didn’t see the incident and didn’t give the ball back to South Africa to try to clear. 

 New York’s keeper made the right call and saved the goal. 


In the second, the ball was sent wide to the left by Fosun-Matsui in the 57th minute and she put it on the roof of the goal to make the score 4-1. 

She was awarded the match winner and New Zealand went on to win the match. 


A few minutes later New Zealand took their third lead of the game. 

Fosun Matsui made a great save on South Africa keeper Janine Johansson. 

Johansson saved the shot and was in good position to save the goal when it came to the near post. 


As New Zealand made their way back into it, New York were again in the lead. 

But this time it wasn’t a penalty save. 

When South Africa had the chance to score a penalty in the 63rd minute, it was the right decision by the referee. 

Instead, the game was stopped. 


And then it was all over. 

After New Zealand had tied the game up at 2-2, the score was still 1-2 with the final kick coming in the 75th minute as the ball crossed the line. 

I don’t know if there was any way that South Africa could have had another chance to get a penalty but they didn’t. 


This one was pretty close.

New York had a chance to put South Africa up 2-1 in the 84th minute but the ball went over the line and went to the wrong end of goal.

South African keeper, Janine Mokwane, was able with a diving save.

But New Zealand were able with the help of their forwards to score two goals to send the game into extra time. 12.