Startup Vessel CHARTER When the boat docks: German U-boats leave dock

When the boat docks: German U-boats leave dock

The last U-boat to dock in Hamburg was the U-156 from the German naval vessel U-154, which was the last of the U.S. fleet to dock there in May 1945.

It was decommissioned in April 1946, and has been the site of several U.K. commemorations of the sinking of the ship.

The U-158, U-151 and U-171 all docked there, but the U 162, U 166 and U 172 are the last U boats to dock.

“We are going to be using these facilities for the next few years,” says Michael Wertheim, a U-166 commander.

The site has hosted the U 2, U 4 and U 5 vessels since 1996, but now is the site for a new generation of U-2 reconnaissance planes.

“They are going out on missions that are not going to happen for the foreseeable future,” says Lt.

Col. Robert Schulte, the U 166 commander.

“The U-142 was one of the last to dock.”

There are other U-class boats that are headed to Hamburg.

“In June 2018, we will launch the next generation of aircraft for the U 3,” Schultes says.

“And we have the U 4 for the last two years.”

U-160s and U 162s are not yet ready to dock but will be soon, too.

“When the next wave of U boats leaves, we expect to launch U-170s and also U-162s,” Schute says.

The next wave U boats will arrive at the site in late 2019 or early 2020.

There will be a large U-100-class U-152 transport boat that is part of the second wave of amphibious U boats, a successor to the U 1s and a predecessor to the original U-4s.

U-180s will be the last amphibious craft to dock at the base.

The last of those boats is the U 152.

At the end of this decade, the last German U boat will be retired, retired in June 2020.

Then, in 2023, the fleet will be replaced by the first generation of smaller U-10 amphibious aircraft.

The new fleet will include a U 30, a new U-35, a long-range U-30M and the new U 21.