Startup Vessel CHARTER Watch this duck hunting boat wrap its way to safety

Watch this duck hunting boat wrap its way to safety

A duck hunting vessel in Adelaide’s north-east has gone down after it ran aground.

Key points:A kayak boat has run aground at the mouth of the Swan River near Swan HillThe vessel had been anchored near the Swan Bay on Swan Hill for three daysA rescue team was called and the vessel was taken to a harbour near the lake where it was towed to safetyPolice are investigating the cause of the accident and will conduct a further investigation into the incidentThe boat wrapped its way across the Swan Creek into Swan Hill, at which point the paddles and boom were lost, the ABC understands.

A man, a man and a woman were in the boat, but the woman’s son told the ABC she and her family were on their way to visit family in the area when the incident happened.

“The kayak ran agse and we lost all our gear on board, and the boom that was holding it all up, so it was a really scary experience for all of us,” the mother said.

“We were on the way to go fishing, but unfortunately there was a spill and the whole boat was thrown into the river.”

The father, who was fishing with his son, said the crew had to scramble to get the boat to safety.

“It was very chaotic, all of the people on board just started screaming, ‘Help, help, help’,” he said.”[The boat] was like a rock, and everyone was crying, so everyone just jumped out of the boat and ran away.”

Police said the kayak had been on a six-hour trip from Swan Hill to the south, which is on the Swan Island, about 25 kilometres away.

“An investigation is underway to determine the cause, but a preliminary report will be prepared by the South Australian Maritime Safety Authority,” a police spokesperson said.

The Swan River, one of the nation’s busiest waterways, runs through Swan Hill and is known for its recreational boating, kayaking and fishing.

The waters around the area are often wet and rocky, and often the river is choked with swamps and wetlands.

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