Startup Vessel YACHTS The Best and Worst of Monterey, California, Is Now on TV

The Best and Worst of Monterey, California, Is Now on TV

NEW YORK — The Monterey Bay Aquarium is rolling out a new digital series called “Ocean Life,” featuring footage of life on the water and exploring the history of marine life on and off the California coast.

It’s a chance to explore the world of the ocean’s creatures and learn more about the people and stories that make up the Bay Area.

The series is available on the aquarium’s YouTube channel.

As with the “Ocean Science” series that aired last year, the Monterey Aquarium says the videos are available for free online.

Aquarium officials say the series, which will be available from mid-March through April, is meant to educate people about marine life.

This time around, they say, the series focuses on the animals and their interactions.

“In the film, you’ll hear stories from our visitors about the stories of life in Monterey,” aquarium spokesman Bob Zalewski said in a statement.

“The series will also explore how our marine life has changed over time.

In addition to highlighting the incredible diversity of marine mammals and their habitats, the films are meant to provide an entertaining look at the diversity of the marine ecosystem.”