Startup Vessel CHARTER When dragon boat festival was first announced, it was so controversial it was cancelled

When dragon boat festival was first announced, it was so controversial it was cancelled

When the Dragon Boat Festival was first mooted, it quickly became a major source of controversy.

The organisers were worried about the impact it would have on local communities, with many locals saying they wanted to avoid having to go and visit the traditional dragon boat parade in their town.

So, they launched a fundraising campaign to raise money to buy a dragon boat and rent it out to local communities.

Now the festival has been scrapped, but many people want to see it resurrected.

Here’s how it worksNow, you can buy a free-standing dragon boat from the organisers, and rent them out to any local community in Ireland.

You can also rent out the boat to anyone else in the county, with no additional cost.

There are also a few other events happening at the festival, like a dragonboat parade and a dragon race.

All in all, it’s a fantastic idea and it’s the first of its kind in Ireland, with the organisers saying it was the first festival to be developed from scratch.

“We were not sure if we would be able to raise the money for a festival, so we started the crowdfunding campaign,” said Tom Fitzgerald, the co-founder of the Dragonsport festival.

“It’s very difficult to do crowdfunding in Ireland because it’s so new.

But the idea was just to start the process from scratch.”

Dragon boat festival organisers had been working on developing the festival for years and were even planning to host a boat race at the event in the future.

The fundraising campaign was a success and the Dragonsports festival has now been launched.

The Dragon Boat festival in Dublin is one of the first in Ireland to be cancelled and re-launched in 2019, but the organisers have now announced a new event will be held on the same weekend.

The Dragonsport event will take place in late August and is set to feature a traditional dragon race and dragon boat celebration.

The festival has also partnered with local businesses to run a variety of events, including a dragon dance and dragon dance festival.

The event is also being held at the Dragons Port in Portrush, in Co Mayo.