Startup Vessel DESTINATIONS Boat wraps sold at Costco for $1,500

Boat wraps sold at Costco for $1,500

The price of a boat wraps used to be the subject of a major controversy at Costco, but that has all but disappeared.

The company’s wholesale boat wrap business, which includes the $10,000 “Gulf Breeze” wrap, is up nearly 25% since the controversy.

Costco was forced to change its rules last week to ensure that its customers can’t get their hands on the wrapped goods.

The wraps have become an integral part of Costco’s $15-a-day program, which has made the company the largest U.S. retailer of used boats and used goods.

The bulk of the company’s sales comes from its used boats, used clothes, used furniture, used electronics, and used appliances.

Costco’s biggest catch is the $1.95-$2.00 per gallon boat wrap.

The price is set at $1 per gallon, and Costco does not charge a mark-up for the wraps.

The wrap is wrapped in a plastic bag, and customers can pick up the wraps and use them in restaurants or grocery stores for less than $2 a gallon.

A Costco spokesperson confirmed the wraps were up almost 25% from their original price.

“We have always encouraged our customers to make their own wraps at home and for their family,” said Michael Wertheim, vice president of customer relations at Costco.

“This year, we are taking the wraps out of the wholesale store to be sold to our customers at the Costco wholesale shop.

It is a great value.”

The wraps are sold in Costco’s warehouses in San Diego, Costa Mesa, and San Jose, Calif.

The Costco wraps are made from a single strand of fish or fish-like material, and it is used to wrap a boat or a boat trailer.

Costco also sells used boats that it has purchased from used boat retailers.