Startup Vessel YACHTS Bass cat boats in Australia

Bass cat boats in Australia

We have just got the news that Bass cat boat parts are being sold on the internet for a very reasonable price.

The news has come from the Australian Fishing Industry Association (AFIA), which says it is looking for volunteers to help out in the search for Bass Cat boats to sell on its website.

It’s a great opportunity for people to buy the parts they need to get their boats up and running again, the AFIA says.

For anyone interested, there are several locations where people can find the parts, including Bass Cat Boat Parts in Perth and the Bass Cat Barge and Accessories in Adelaide.

We’ve also had a couple of calls from people who have heard about people selling the parts online and they have been able to sell them for a good price, AFIA spokesman Stephen Wigglesworth told Hackers.

If you’re in the area and would like to get involved, call the BassCat Boat Repair Centre on 1800 623 543 or email the contact on the contact page.

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