Startup Vessel CHARTER Boat rental for boaters and anglers opens at Fort Lauderdale resort

Boat rental for boaters and anglers opens at Fort Lauderdale resort

WASHINGTON — A popular, but pricey, vacation rental company is launching a boat rental service for boater and angler owners, who can now rent paddle boats, wake boats and pontoons at a Fort Lauderdale-area resort.

The company, SeaTent Adventures, will offer paddle boats at two Fort Lauderdale resorts, Coral Reef Resort and Pompano Beach.

SeaTent will be a “one stop shop” for owners of kayaks and other paddle boats and can provide paddle boat rentals and equipment to rental companies, including rental companies such as Ballys, which owns the Coral Reef resort.

Bally is a major operator in the area, providing kayak rentals.

Ballys said it will have paddle boats available to rent from January.

Other options for paddlers to rent include charter boats from the same company and some kayak rental companies.

“We want to make sure that people are comfortable with paddling on a boat that’s designed specifically for them,” said SeaTorte Adventures spokeswoman Beth Johnson.

The launch of SeaTents is the latest development in the industry, which has become popular with recreational boaters looking to get away from the crowds and crowds of a busy weekend.

A kayak is an ideal paddling vehicle, Johnson said.

It’s relatively lightweight, easy to carry and can be easily towed away from a shore or beach for paddling.

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